Y Kicks Off 2016 YMCA Intern Challenge

YMCA Intern Challenge builds skills for community's youth. The YMCA Intern Challenge kicked off on Monday.
The challenge focuses on teamwork, developing leadership, and communication skills for the community's youth. Students who participate in the event are split into two teams to complete weekly tasks presented by area businesses. Students get eliminated based on their performance throughout the challenge. 
At the end of the week, one team is declared the winner.
"So we're not only expecting them to create brand awareness and a marketing strategy for the Goldie Floberg Center, but also educate the students on what it means to work for a non-profit and the different opportunities to work for a non profit," Intern Challenge Director, Tyler Anderson said.
The winner of the Intern Challenge will receive a $5,000 paid internship. The challenge lasts for seven weeks. 

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