Action Weight Management Classes

Daytime Session

12-week education and support class (75 minutes) taught by health care professionals. Price includes once a month support group after program is completed. Classes are held on Mondays from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Cost is $120 - earn $50 back by attending at least 10 sessions! Includes a 3 month YMCA membership, a $120 value!

Example schedule *subjct to change
Week 1 - Orientation and measurements
Week 2 - Balancing healthy eating and exercise; Amy I ready to change?
Week 3 - Environmental cues/factors that influence my attitude toward food
Week 4 - Fats, Dairy and Meats; Emotional eating
Week 5 - Grains/Gluten; Breaking bad habits/forming healthy habits
Week 6 - Protein; Eating mindfully
Week 7 - Conventional Organic and GMO-free; Learning to love my body
Week 8 - Label reading/Sugar; What need am I attempting to fill with food?
Week 9 - Fad diets; Can I really be addicted to food?
Week 10 - 10 Healthy diets and 5 rules to healthy eating; Moving beyond setbacks
Week 11 - Avoiding weight gain/eating personalities
Week 12 - Final measurements/wrap-up/How do I keep going?

For more information, call BetterLife Wellness at 779-696-9700. To register, call HealthConnect at 779-696-7082.