Community Events

At our community events, parents experience the power of pure play as their children lead the way. When parents see the world through their kids’ eyes—the awe and the joy—and when kids meet their parents’ inner children for the first time, families are complete.  
We bring the Community together!


In our welcoming, family friendly environment, families have the opportunity to relax in the outdoors, participate in archery, climbing activities, take nature hikes, gaze at the stars, and so much more; it’s like summer camp for the whole family.


Across our 150 acres of prairies, woods, and fields, the joys of nature and togetherness take center stage. Free of distraction—jobs and homework are on pause; cell phones don’t ring; twitter means birdsong—families and groups of all kinds have the space and quietude to connect deeply, in simple ways reminiscent of a bygone era.


A day at Camp develops strong bonds between parents and children, which supports self-esteem and communication skills, setting the foundation for positive lifelong relationships. When families come together and share in these experiences we believe we can help strengthen our community!

Family Fall Festival

YMCA of Rock River Valley