Camp Winnebago Aims to Ensure All Kids are Welcome

YMCA Camp Winnebago has earned accreditation from the National Inclusion Project (NIP). The Y believes all kids deserve a camp experience.  Inclusion is accepting differences and responding to individual needs with the purpose of ensuring that all children are provided a sense of belonging at Camp.
“For kids with diverse abilities, fitting in sometimes can be a challenge,” said Max Rosenow, Inclusion Director, YMCA of Rock River Valley. “We never want a child to feel that way at Camp. Camp Winnebago is much more than a summer activity for kids. It is a place for values, learning, skill building, personal growth and fulfilling dreams. Our For All Inclusion Program ensures all children have that same experience.”

National Inclusion Project Accreditation means that Camp Winnebago completed a comprehensive review of its inclusive practices for children with disabilities and alignment with the National Inclusion Project’s Standards for Inclusive Recreation Programs. The National Inclusion Project serves to bridge the gap that exists between young people with disabilities and the world around them. 

"Expert review of written documentation, program materials, and on-site observation found that YMCA Camp Winnebago met the highest standards for including all children,” said Dr. Amanda Kloo, Director of Standards and Accreditation for Recreation Programs. “Camp Winnebago and NIP form a partnership that promotes fun, learning, & friendship among all children. NIP accreditation communicates to families and the community that Camp Winnebago is committed to the inclusion of children with disabilities in mission, in design, and in practice."

Inclusion benefits all children, staff and families by providing them with opportunities to learn and value one another as individuals and members of the same community. Inclusion allows for all individuals within the community to experience life to the fullest, regardless of differences or abilities.

For more information about Camp Winnebago inclusion services, contact Max Rosenow at 815-885-6858, For more information about the National Inclusion Project visit