SAY Warm Pool to Reopen 5/9/22

Update: May 10 at 12:15pm: We are preparing to reopen the SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA warm pool at 3:45pm today.  The pool will be a bit cooler than normal, but above 80 degrees. Swim lessons and aqua fitness classes normally scheduled Monday evening will take place. Thank you for your patience.

May 5, 2022: We need to drain the North pool (warm water) at the SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA immediately due to contamination. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We are hoping to be open again early next week, but will notify members of the exact date. We need to drain the pool, clean it, refill it and then bring it up to temperature.
  • No swim lessons Saturday - we will provide an update regarding Monday lessons
  • No aqua fitness classes Thursday, Friday or Monday morning
  • Private lessons will be contact directly for make-up times
Members are welcome to use the pools at the Northeast Family YMCA, 8451 Orth Road. We will send another email regarding the opening date and will also post on our Facebook page and do an app notification.

We appreciate your understanding and will work to expedite this process, so you're back in the water again soon. 

Thank you!