YMCA Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations

​The YMCA of Rock River Valley is now accepting charitable donations in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  The Y is launching this effort on #CryptoGivingTuesday on November 30. 

Since 2019, #CryptoGivingTuesday has fostered a culture of philanthropy among cryptocurrency users, a demographic which now exceeds 220 million worldwide. Similar to Giving Tuesday, which falls on the same day, #CryptoGivingTuesday helps organizations like the Y promote their cause to potential supporters—in this case, the donations come in cryptocurrency, rather than cash, credit card, or check. 

Given the rise in value and popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the YMCA of Rock River Valley chose to diversify its revenue streams by accepting crypto donations.

“While we continue to value and appreciate traditional gifts of cash and appreciated securities, we know how critical it is that we expand our impact, and we’re thrilled to do it through our ability to accept not just Bitcoin, but over 40 different types of crypto,” said Michelle Gorham, Chief Advancement Officer, YMCA of Rock River Valley. “Crypto-Philanthropy is a burgeoning industry with endless impact potential and we are proud to be on the forefront of it in the name of our mission.”

So far this year, the Y has raised more than $1,131,000. Donations will support more than $1 million in scholarships and program subsidies to ensure affordable access for all. Increased donations mean we can help combat learning loss, focus on rebuilding health, and giving people a place to socialize and improve their mental health. 

The Y will be joined in #CryptoGivingTuesday fundraising efforts by its partner, The Giving Block, which provides technological solutions and support to charities that want to accept cryptocurrency donations. Supporters can donate crypto to the YMCA of Rock River Valley at: rockriverymca.org/donatecrypto

For more information, contact Michelle Gorham at missionadvancement@rockriverymca.org.