DIY Workshops

These fun, new classes at the Y take DIY to a whole new level. From upcycling and gardening to learning how to ferment foods - you'll not only have fun, but learn some pretty cool stuff, too!

Do you tend to turn your nose up when veggies are served? Well, in this workshop, participants will learn creative and innovative ways to fix vegetables that all are sure to rave about. These are not your grandma's veggies!

July 23
6-8 p.m. Register

Summer is a time of gorgeous fruit and vegetable abundance! Get ready to take advantage of the bounty that summer provides by learning how to ferment, pickle and preserve. In this program, participants will learn several methods for saving the food of the season and will take home five jars of their very own pickled, probiotic-filled, and preserved creations!

August 6
6-8 p.m. Register