S’WET™ Instructor Training


The S’WET™ Instructor Training is a full day of intensive education and practical learning designed to revamp and reinvigorate your aquatic fitness teaching skills! This 8-hour program includes interactive lectures and demonstrations, group and team exercises as well as two hours of in-pool workouts! Plus you'll get a one year license to join the exclusive #SWETSQUAD network!

S’WET™ is a Structured Water Exercise Training program built for certified instructors looking to ride the new wave in aquatic fitness! The program is designed to incorporate unique blocks of activity, each with a specific purpose, focused on H.I.I.T., strength and advanced cardio training.

Cost is $300

Training provided August 20/21
Turf to Surf: August 20
Deep Water: August 20
S'WET Instructor Training: August 21