S’WET™ Workshop: Turf to Surf


Turf to Surf is designed for land fitness instructors to get cross over training. It will help you sub a water class by learning how to build a balanced workout using base moves, as well as modifications to help your participants. Design Strength and HIIT circuits using common pool equipment to progress or regress workouts and work together in teams to brainstorm on how to build an effective class for your students! This course will give you a road map on what educational steps to take to continue to grow and elevate your aquatic fitness teaching skills.
4 hours in lecture & pool

CEC’s: AEA:4; AFAA: 4; NASM: 0.4; ACE: 4

Equipment Used: Hand Buoys, Noodle and webbed gloves (gloves optional)

S’WET™ is a Structured Water Exercise Training program built for certified instructors looking to ride the new wave in aquatic fitness! The program is designed to incorporate unique blocks of activity, each with a specific purpose, focused on H.I.I.T., strength and advanced cardio training.

Cost: $150 for the 4-hour Turf to Surf program 

Take Turf to Surf + S’WET Deep: Normally $195 / Our Bundle: $180 (Saves $15)

Training provided August 20/21
Turf to Surf: August 20
Deep Water: August 20
S'WET Instructor Training: August 21