Personal Training

Every day people join the YMCA motivated to lose weight, exercise more and live healthier lives. But sometimes you need more than motivation, you need help and support to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. Get more from your workout with personalized training.


We now offer aqua personal training at our Northeast and SwedishAmerican Riverfront
locations. Work on improving strength, balance, mobility and cardio endurance all while in the pool under the guidance of our certified personal trainer, who also specializes in aquatics. The weightlessness the water helps you move more easily. Water up your waist reduces your body weight by 20% and if you're up to your shoulders, it's reduced by 80%. 

You deserve a unique fitness plan, tailored just for you. Our YMCA Personal Trainers will work with you to reach your fitness goals and teach you how to maintain those goals for life. Whether you’re an extreme athlete, a sedentary adult, a senior or a teen, working with a trainer on a plan designed specifically for you will help you get healthier, stronger and fit!  

Personal training involves one or more regular training sessions designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Your certified personal trainer will work with you and your schedule to develop a personalized fitness program. Personal training is offered in a one-on-one setting or virtually for those who are not yet comfortable coming back to the Y. 

Virtual Personal Training 

  • Train in the comfort of your home under the guidance of your personal trainer. 

  • Days/times are available to accommodate all schedules 

  • We provide you with any necessary equipment at no extra charge. 

  • Equipment will be available for contactless curbside pick up. 

  • Equipment is sanitized prior to pick up and can be switched out for additional or alternate equipment, as needed. 

Unlike most other virtual offerings, we do NOT add a digital upcharge to our personal training pricing. Pricing is the same as our in-person services, as follows:

1 hour/2 sessions - $55
4 hour package/8 sessions - $200 ($50/hr)
8 hour package/12 sessions - $360 ($45/hr) 
12 hour package/24 sessions - $480 ($40 hr)


3 sessions for $109
September 1-5 only!

Meet our Trainers

Lynn EarlyPersonal Trainer
Linette RojasPersonal Trainer
Holli TankPersonal Trainer
Merry TrotterPersonal Trainer
Shaun WalshPersonal Trainer