Healthy Living 101

Learn how to adopt new habits to create a healthier lifestyle. This six-week class is designed to help simplify the process of getting to a healthier you.

Healthy Living 101 is a six-week class that covers goal setting, helpful apps/resources, nutrition, equipment orientation, group exercise options at the Y and more.

Check back later in 2019 for details on the next session.
Member Testimonials:
"The information is valuable.  I loved the recipes and learning about the apps.  It made me feel more confident with the machines."  

"I highly recommend this class to anyone!  The instructors were fantastic! They adapted the class to include valuable information for all people at various places on their (wellness) journeys." 

"I would recommend this class to others and will probably consider repeating it myself down the road."  

"The presenters encouraged discussion throughout. I learned a lot of practical information."  

"I enjoyed the accountability and a chance to meet and interact with other like-minded people."