Group and Family Retreats


Whether you are a business developing your long range plan, a college training for the upcoming Student Orientation, or a church spending time in devotion and celebration, Camp Winnebago YMCA will work closely with you to align your goals and expectations and create a custom designed experience. We can provide programs, conference rooms, audio/visual/technical support, comfortable lodging, WiFi, and wonderful staff to help meet all of your needs. We have a variety of buildings that can accommodate anywhere from 15-250 people. We can provide an array of recreational and educational programming, building the opportunity for your members to reconnect with each other and nature.  Camp Winnebago YMCA is an excellent location to build your team, vision, and future.


Across our 150 acres of prairies, woods, and fields, the joys of nature and togetherness take center stage. Free of distraction—jobs and homework are on pause; cell phones don’t ring; twitter means birdsong—families and groups of all kinds have the space and quietude to connect deeply, in simple ways reminiscent of a bygone era.


We invite your group to visit our beautiful outdoors - the forest, fields, activity areas, hiking trails, and creeks. From archery and the climbing tower to teambuilding and guided hikes, you’ll have an amazing experience at the Y, all in a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment.


The Camp Winnebago team will create a custom program to meet your group needs.  If you are scheduling a retreat for your own planning and exploration but would like to inject a little adventure and excitement, we can help.  If you have a new team that needs to really dig into knowing each other quickly, or a group of seasoned coworkers who need to rebuild their creative drive and trust, we can put them through their paces. Our facilitators help you redefine goal setting, explore the importance of reliance and trust, sharpen communication, laugh and enjoy each other, and push the limits to move leaders and workers alike from their sometimes stagnant comfort zones into dynamic reinvigorated growth zones!