Youth Education

There’s nothing like Camp Winnebago’s Youth Education Programs


Our instructors are Environmental Education and Adventure Programming professionals. They are required to go through extensive training in experiential education to teach environmental awareness, social skills through teambuilding, and be able to teach complimentary lesson plans that apply to school standards and subjects. They are all positive role models who share a sincere and passionate commitment to educating youth about the environment.


We do more than offer top-notch environmental education, academic support in reading, writing, math, science and art, challenging adventure courses, and recreation. We impart our core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility to students and teachers alike, sparking the transformation from student to leader- inspiring a passion for lifelong learning.


Camp Winnebago YMCA partners with teachers to design and conduct programs that meet the standards of Illinois state curriculum. Our aligned curriculum makes it easy to pick classes that will support your work in the classroom. We will work with you in order to design a program specifically to fit your goals for your students. 

We invite you and your students to visit our outdoor classroom - the forest, fields, activity areas, hiking trails, and creeks - where education lives and breathes. From experiments at archery and the climbing tower to the science behind animals’ adaptations and earth’s water cycle, they’ll have an amazing educational adventure at the Y, all in a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment.