The YMCA Mission

We are elated and honored to have you and your child/ren join in on the magic of YMCA Camp Winnebago’s Summer Day Camps. If this is your first time joining our summer day camps – WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! For those of you that have been with us for many years you have probably heard your camper talk about Camp as their “home away from home,” even referring to their camp friends and counselors as their “Camp Family.” We take this as a high honor and work hard to create a sense of community within our programs.

In an effort to better inform parents and bring families into the innerworkings of what we do – and why we do it – I plan on sending out multiple blogs to better communicate and educate parents on topics such as safety at camp, values-based programs, camp culture, and why camp matters.

Let’s start with the YMCA mission:

To put Christian principles into practice through programs, services, and relationships that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Now let’s break that down…

Christian Principles – The core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Faith guide everything that we do at Camp W. We use these values to create our goals, communicate with one another, award good behavior (and to re-direct not so good behavior!), write our schedules, and so much more. 

Programs, Services, and Relationships – Camp W. offers year-round opportunities to engage families and organizations within our community. Our programs center on three areas proven to impact the development of children: Achievement, Friendship, and Belonging.

•    Achievement: Learn and master skills that help them realize their passions, talents, and potential
•    Friendship: Build friendships with peers and staff role models; aiding in their wellbeing
•    Belonging: Feel safe and free to express their true individuality by creating a welcoming environment

Build healthy Spirit, Mind, and Body – At Camp, we take a holistic approach to a child’s wellbeing. 

We know that the camp experience ignites the spirits of the campers we serve by improving their feelings of self-worth, individuality, and the independence they gain through facing challenges. 

Campers minds are strengthened through learning new skills, working with a team, and setting goals. 

And being outside, unplugged from all electronics and getting physical exercise day in and day out increases the health of our campers’ bodies and fights the childhood obesity that plagues our communities.

For ALL - YMCA Camp Winnebago is committed to successfully welcoming, including, and nurturing the potential of every child and teen, regardless of race, religion, disability, nationality, or any other legally protected class. 

In short, YMCA Camp Winnebago gives kids their best summer ever at all four of our locations through a day camp experience full of activities that help campers gain a sense of achievement, make friends, and feel welcome.

Our Camp Staff knows that when kids see what they can accomplish, learn and master skills, make new friends, and feel like they belong, they are developing the confidence, character, and teamwork they need to be successful in life. We are focusing on these areas to help kids reach their full potential.

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In the Spirit of Camp,