Welcome to Our Blog

We are excited to debut our new Camp Blog! In the blink of an eye summer is here and gone, and with it comes and goes summer camp. In what seems like the shortest season of the year, our children laugh, explore, learn, and grow the most. At summer camp friendships are fostered, fears are conquered, children are celebrated, and the world is explored. But who says that we can only foster, conquer, celebrate, and explore during summer camp? Who says we can’t lose the sunscreen, the bug spray, the beach towels and flip-flops and realize that it isn’t the season that makes summer camp so magical? It is not the summer that ensures your children are provided opportunities to foster friendships, to conquer their fears, to be celebrated and to celebrate others, to explore the world around them, to laugh, to learn, and to grow. Rather, it’s camp.

So foster, conquer, celebrate, and explore with us here at Camp! Stay in touch with us year-round, right here, with our new Camp Winnebago Blog – hear from staff, alumni, parents, YMCA leaders and community members on updates, insights, and events happening around Camp.