Welcome Back

We missed you! It’s been hard to be away from the people we care about, but thank you for persevering and doing your part to stay safe and stop the spread of coronavirus. We’ve been carefully planning to reopen our facilities and reactivate key programs in the safest manner possible so you can access the services and support you miss and need the most. 

On June 26, 2020, we will move into phase four of the Restore Illinois Plan. In phase four, our cardio and weight centers can reopen. We will continue to require reservations to utilize services at the Y. The only exception is the indoor track at the SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA. You do not need a reservation to use the track. The Y is only open to active YMCA of Rock River Valley members. No Nationwide Members or guests at this time.

We have a temporary youth policy in place as well: Youth ages 0-9 for programs only. Youth ages 10-15 only under parent supervision. Ages 16 and over are allowed to be in the facility without an adult.

Below we outline our modified operations along with a link to some frequently asked questions. 

We ask for your continued patience and to be kind to one another. The YMCA core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Faith are shared values between members and staff. We’re all in this together!


Please be assured that your safety is our number one priority. We’re following guidelines from the CDC, health experts and local officials to ensure our YMCA meets the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

What to Bring

You’ll need your membership card or phone with the YMCA app for check in, a mask, water bottle and a towel. Our water fountains will be available for filling bottles only. Additionally, we will not be offering towel service.

Wearing a Mask

Wearing a mask is a requirement to enter the Y, although you do not need to wear a mask while exercising. We are conducting health screenings and ask that you sanitize your hands upon entry and self check-in. 

Cardio Center

You’ll notice that some of the equipment is not in service. This allows us to provide a safe distance between members using the equipment. YMCA staff will thoroughly clean the equipment after each use and rotate the use of the equipment to allow for full sanitation. We encourage you to wipe down the equipment before and after use for extra precaution. 


Lap Swim

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Lap Swim

Lap swimming and water walking is available at both SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA pools and the Northeast Family YMCA. 45-minute time slots. Two people may share a lane. Independent swimming for ages 16 and up. Ages 8-15 may lap swim with a parent on deck supervising. This is for active YMCA of Rock River Valley members only. Advanced reservations are required. 

Recreational Swimming

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Recreational Swimming

Reserve a time for recreational swim in the zero-depth entry pool at the Northeast Family YMCA! or in our warm water pool at the SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA. Four swimmers per household are allowed per one reservation. Swimmers ages 9 and under are required to be under the direct on-deck supervision of a parent or guardian. Swimmers ages 9 and under who cannot pass the swim test must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the water within arm's reach. The slide will not be available for use at this time. Reservations are for 45 minutes. Swimmers do not have access to the lap lane area unless they reserve time in the lap lane area.

Swim Lessons

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Swim Lessons

Swim lessons and stroke clinics are back! We are starting a summer session July 13. Lessons are limited to four participants per class. Click to register today!

Cardio/Weight Room

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Cardio/Weight Room

Our wellness centers at the SwedishAmerican Riverfront and Northeast Family YMCAs are open by reservation. We are offering 1-hour reservations with no limit on the number of reservations you make. Time slots will be available one week in advance. Masks are not required while exercising - only when moving around the building.

Group Fitness

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Group Fitness

We are launching a new group fitness schedule the week of July 13! We will have 40 classes weekly at the SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA and Northeast Family YMCA. Advanced registration is required as class size is limited. Registration will open 72 hours in advance.


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Basketball will be back July 13! Reserve a hoop for shooting and drills. Up to three people per hoop and bring your own ball. Two hoops available at NEB and 4 hoops available at SAY. No gameplay strictly enforced. Ages 15 and under must be accompanied by a parent. Reservations are required and limited to 1 hour.

Personal Training

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Personal Training

We are offering personal training at our SwedishAmerican Riverfront and Northeast Family YMCAs. You may use previously purchased sessions. Click here for rates and trainer information.


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Pickleball is available at the SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA and Northeast Family YMCA. A maximum of four players per court will be allowed, and all players must be pre-registered for the time slot in order to access the building. Please bring your own sweat towel and water bottle. 



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Racquetball will be available on courts 4, 5 and 6 at the SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA. A maximum of 4 players per court will be allowed. Advanced registration is required by both players. Click to learn more and secure your timeslot.

Kids' Care (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon

Kids' Care (Coming Soon)

We are reopening our drop-in childcare at both locations starting July 20. Reservations will be required for 2-hour time slots. 

SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA
Monday-Friday: 8am-10am, 10am-12pm, 5pm-7pm
Saturday: 8am-10am, 10am-12pm

Northeast Family YMCA
Monday-Friday: 5pm-7pm
Saturday: 8am-10am, 10am-12pm


We are already offering many services by reservation including group fitness, lap swim, success coaching, personal training, pickleball and racquetball at our SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA. The Northeast Family YMCA will offer similar services beginning on June 26. The Puri Family YMCA will remain closed at this time. We are anticipating that “Phase 4” of the Governor’s Restore Illinois plan will happen on June 26. Phase 4 is when we can open our cardio and strength centers by reservation. 

Beginning on June 26, we will expand access for members at both the SwedishAmerican Riverfront and Northeast Family YMCAs. Both YMCAs will offer indoor group fitness, lap swim, cardio/strength center, personal training, pickleball and racquetball/track (SAY only) for active YMCA of Rock River Valley Members only. Swim lessons and stroke clinics start July 13.

If your membership is on hold, you can renew it, but no new memberships will be accepted until July 1.

All services require a reservation. Click here for information on class offerings, times and locations.

One-on-one personal training is available at the SwedishAmerican Riverfront location. You are able to redeem previously purchased training packages. Click here for further details.

To make a reservation, click the button below to access the schedule.

Find the specific activity you want. Filter by category: cardio & strength room, pool, racquet sports, group exercise. Click “Sign Up” next to the activity time you want. 

Choose “Create a Login” for our Group Ex Pro reservation system. You only have to do this the first time. You will login for the following reservations.

Enter your email address and click “Login.”

Click “Reserve a Spot.”

If the class is full, add your name to wait list. If someone cancels their reservation, you will get a notification that a spot has opened up. Reserve

We are noticing issues with Safari and Internet Explorer. Try using Chrome or Firefox. If you are still experiencing issues reserving your time online, then please feel free to call the SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA at 815-489-1252 or the Northeast Family YMCA at 815-885-6852. Make a Reservation

1) Go to our website: rockriverymca.org/schedule - or click the button below
2) Find the class you registered for and click Sign Up
3) It will say you are already registered and offer a cancel option
4) Click Cancel Click to Cancel

We will slowly be reinstating classes and will work to restore member favorites. Check Schedule

We have a temporary youth policy in place. Youth ages 0-9 may come to the Y for programs only. Youth ages 10-15 only under parent supervision. Ages 16 and over are allowed to be in the facility without an adult.

Our drop-in child watch is currently closed. We are evaluating the return of this service.

We are offering childcare at the YMCA Children's Learning Center for ages 6 weeks to 5 years and for school-age children at the SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA. The Northeast Family YMCA summer program will start in July. Camp Winnebago is offering summer camp beginning in July. All sites are on a wait list, but we are doing our best to increase capacities as we are allowed.

  Learn More

Both pools at the SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA are open for lap swimming and water walking. Hours will be limited to start: 6:15am-2pm Monday through Saturday and 4:15-7pm Monday through Friday. Reservations are required for a 45-minute lap lane time slot. 

The Northeast Family YMCA pool will open for lap lane reservations on June 26.

We hope to add swim lessons, stroke clinics and aqua fitness in the near future.  Reserve a Lap Lane

The Women's, Men's and special needs locker rooms are available at both the Northeast Family and SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCAs.

We know our swimmers are excited to get back in the water. We encourage swimmers to reserve a lap lane and practice on their own. We are now offering stroke clinics as well. Click below to register. Register

Pickleball is available on Court 3 at the SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA, and Racquetball is available on courts 4, 5 and 6. Courts 1 and 2 are reserved for our childcare programs. A maximum of 4 players per court will be allowed, and all players must be pre-registered for the time slot in order to access the building. There will be 45-minute time slots available from 9:15am-5:00pm. Players should clean the court before and after use. Players should wear masks coming to and from the court, but masks will not be required on the court. 

No. With guidance from our local Health Department, we are requiring that all members and staff wear a mask while entering/exiting the building, and while in common spaces. However, you will NOT be required to wear a mask while participating in vigorous exercise. Some machines will be closed in order to ensure six feet of social distance.

We will be implementing a variety of safety precautions as we open the Y, but every individual will have to make his or her own personal decision on what is safest and best for their family. We will do everything we can to keep our members and staff safe, and we ask that you commit to participate by cleaning equipment and always adhering to facility protocols. 

We are asking all YMCA staff, members, volunteers and participants to stay home when ill (and to remain home for 24 hours after symptoms have disappeared if the illness is flu-like or gastrointestinal). We rely on each individual to self-assess their symptoms and illness. In an effort to prevent individuals who are symptomatic or who have been exposed from entering our facility, we will ask health screening questions at check-in. In instances where symptoms are observed, Y staff and members will be sent home. 

Get to know your YMCA account information and become familiar with our website and mobile app. You will need them to be able to register for classes, lap lanes, personal training appointments and building access. 


Our staff is ready to assist you Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you have questions about your membership status or you need assistance with registering for a service, contact us at ymcasupport@rockriverymca.org or:

SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA: 815-489-1252
Northeast Family YMCA: 815-885-6852