Corporate Membership

The YMCA of Rock River Valley provides local employers with a new approach to employee health. Research has shown an effective wellness program can have significant impact on a variety of health risk factors including cholesterol, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and obesity. 

The most successful companies foster a healthy workforce by doing more than encouraging physical activity. They promote maintaining a balanced spirit, mind and body, while also being a part of the community.

There is a sense of urgency. Our community members have reported feeling unhealthy. As a business and partner with the YMCA, you can help us reverse these statistics.


Our corporate membership program makes it easier than ever for your employees to be active, healthy and more productive at work and in the community. At the Y, your employees can work toward that balance by challenging themselves to reach new fitness goals, learn a new hobby or skill, foster connections with friends, or bring loved ones closer together through our family-centered activities.



  • Access to state-of-the-art YMCA facilities including SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA, Northeast Family YMCA, and Puri Family YMCA.
  • Complimentary on-site childcare while using YMCA facilities.
  • Reduced membership rates due to company investment.
  • No join fee when employer invests in monthly dues.
  • Member exclusive rates on childcare programs, sports leagues, camps and instructional classes.
  • Unlimited group exercise classes.
  • Access to Rockford Park District pools all summer.



  • Reduce Employee Absenteeism
    • Employee wellness programs reduce the stress, depression, injury or illness that employees are experiencing in the workplace, causing them to spend fewer days away from work due to illness.
  • Decrease Health Care Costs
    • Employers have a vested interest in health-related issues and reducing unnecessary medical costs.
  • Improve Productivity
    • Improved employee productivity plays a big role in the success of a company.
  • Reduce Injuries
    • Healthy employees are at a lower risk for injury than those who are unhealthy with multiple risk factors.
  • Improve Employee Morale and Retention
    • Companies that sponsor an employee wellness program send a clear message to their employees that executive leadership values their overall well-being.
  • Increase Health Awareness


Youth (ages 0-18): $22
Adult: $34
Household: $55

*A household includes anyone who has multiple people on their membership who live at the same address, up to two adults and up to 6 children (ages 26 and under).
*For additional adults, add $20 a month each.
*If a family has more than 6 children, there is no extra cost, but they must provide proof of guardianship and/or residency for all children on the membership. Birth certificates, school schedule, and mail are accepted documents.

Join Fees: $0 join fee for employees when the employers pays all or a portion of the membership dues. Join fees are normally $25 for youth and $50 for all other membership types. 

Companies can pay all or a portion of their employee's monthly membership dues. The YMCA’s Corporate Wellness Department is ready to get you started. Contact for more information.