YMCA Community Dinner


Join the YMCA of Rock River Valley as it welcomes featured speaker, Brian Vander Ark. Brian is the lead singer and principal songwriter for the multi-platinum band, "The Verve Pipe." In 1997, their song ‘The Freshmen’ was a number one hit. What followed were worldwide tours and fame. But, like many rock bands in the 90s, The Verve Pipe had a string of near hits, but ultimately failed to follow up their number one song with another. After being dropped from RCA Records, Brian sold all of his possessions and spent two years soul searching, living in an old RV, as beaten and worn as the man behind the wheel. Brian’s story is a compelling one - one that all of us can relate to. It’s about the dream of doing what you love to do and finding a way to continue, despite the many obstacles we all face in this ever-changing world. By refocusing, rebranding, and reinventing, Brian has been able to maintain a career and remain committed to a life in music.

2019 marks the 7th year of the YMCA Community Dinner and we plan to make it a night you won't forget! Tickets are $100 each. Funds raised at the Community Dinner support the YMCA Annual Campaign.